We have the capabilities to fabrication a multitude of products for many different Industries so please contact us to see if we can help you. The following is a list of our most popular industries and the products we fabricate for them.

Custom Kitchen Equipment (Commercial & Industrial)
Tables, sinks, cabinets, counters, chef lines, cafeteria lines, custom refrigeration, dish rooms, shelves, pot rack, other.

Custom Kitchen Equipment (Residential)
Indoor & outdoor countertops
Indoor & outdoor cabinets
Barbeque & refrigerator housing
Indoor & outdoor tables, sinks, shelves, etc.

Custom & standard Equipment (Medical, pharmaceutical & Labs)
Stands, tables, shelving, glove boxes, other.

Signs, stair case railing, wall cladding, money pass trays, and artistic sculptures.


Custom stainless has invested in the latest technologies to improve quality and production. Some of these investments include:

CNC cutting, pressing and holing
(2) Bending Machines
(2) Cutting Machines

(5) Miller welding stations

All of our polishers have 10 + experience

Drafting & Engineering
Auto CAD & solid edge 3d mode
Employees Total
18 TO 20
600 square foot manufacturing and office